May 09, 2014Rise & Shine med Henrik Wallgren och Kolonien. NollTreFem, Halmstad
May 10, 2014Laholms Stadsteater med Kolonien och Peter Åkerström
Jun 07, 2014Båtbyggarfest i Trosa, mer info kommer
Jul 03, 2014Viskväll i Unnaryd, Driftwood Company på Svenska
Aug 01, 2014Sjönevadsfesten
Aug 22, 2014Fabulosa Festivalen

6th of March - Album Release - The Wind Wagon Soundtrack

It is true, it is for real, It is no longer a far fetched fantasy. On the 6th of march 2014 the documentary "Wind Wagon Project" will be aired on Swedish national television. Driftwood are releasin[...]

The end of the season @ Studio Epidemin

We are home again after the recording session at Studio Epidemin in Gothenburg. We had a great journey through the process and found great satisfaction working with Petter Eriksson as a recording engi[...]

The Wind wagon documentary

Hey people! We are currently in the midst of recording a soundtrack for a documentary about The Wind Wagon Project which will be release[...]